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Easy to read French books

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Few pages

Each story contains 8 pages. The child can enjoy FINISHING a book, reading it until THE END!

Few syllables

Stories mainly use words of one or two simple syllables to decode.

Few letters

All you need is 3 vowels and 5 consonants to read the first book!

A lot of fun!

Each of the 10 stories features friendly characters in funny situations.

A recognized progression

The sounds and letters chosen for the books of the 3 sets are inspired by the progression used by Josée Laplante in her books Enquête au village des sons.

They are very popular books among Quebec schools and families.

Set 1 :

Books 1-10

Basic vowels:


Long consonants:


Short consonants:


Set 2 :

Books 11-20

Complex sounds:


au-eau / ou

eu-eur / oi-ui

ai-è-ei-ê / é-es-er-ez

on / an-en-ean / in-ain-in

Set 3 :

Books 21-30

Even more complex sounds:

qu / gu / gn

m in front of b, p / p in front of h

ssion-tion-sson / s that sounds like z

ien / ill

e + 2 consonants


Covers, back covers and excerpts

Hey! Can I see the covers?

Set 1

What about inside pages?

Show me the covers, please.

Set 2

Inside the books?

I said covers, please.

Set 2

Inside ?

Sturdy books for family reading

Reading is one of the most rewarding activities you can do with your child.
When it is appreciated, reading encourages the acquisition of language and allows the child to develop his listening and concentration. THESE BOOKS ARE NOT PDF, they are real stapled books that your children can hold in their hands!

Testimonials from our readers

Anissa G.

My friend brought them back from the Homeschool Conference and we love them! My 7-year-old daughter can read them alone and we laugh a lot at the little simple quirky sentences! Congratulations and thank you for this initiative!

Elisa T.

My 8 year old daughter read for the first time with your books !!! Thank you for your stories, they are very appreciated.

Tammy M and Jack

A friend brought these home from the conference. Jack read Val, Luc and Bob this week. His first, second, and third completely read-aloud books *ever*. In French! And when he figured out « bobo » for himself his face just glowed with pride and the possibilities of unlocking this reading thing. A moment I don’t think either of us will forget. The pace is perfect. And funny! “Bob vol mal” ! We love them ❤️


Readability is tantamount.

The font used in the books mimics the way children write their own letters. For example, we use an “a” with a tail going down.

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