Clémence au temps du coronavirus (French first chapter book)


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Warning: The description of this book has been translated to English in order to help anglophone parents and teachers better understand their purchases. This book is in French. Order the English version (lien) of this book if you want to follow along.

This chapter book tells the story of Clémence and her daily life during confinement. While this story is at an 8-year old francophone reader’s level it was designed to allow non-francophone or struggling older readers to read them with pride as Clémence herself is 11 years old and the illustrations are not childish.

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Authors : Gail Marlene Schwartz and Lucie Gagnon
Illustration : Joannie Laroche

Clémence wonders what could have happened because her life is not as usual.

She can no longer see her grandma, give her hugs, or even buy candy with her. Her mom stays at home. The streets are empty. Even the school is closed! She can no longer play with her friends. Maybe she can find more until she sees them again.

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39 pages of text and images


8-9 year old




160 M paper, paperback, square spine.