Introduction 2 (French beginner readers)


Discover Chani, Maude, Nour, and their friends in this series of 10 books.

Warning: The descriptions of these books have been translated to English in order to help anglophone parents and teachers better understand their purchases. The series of 10 books you will receive will be in French. The last page of each book has a list of the English translation for each French word used.

This series introduces compound sounds:

ch / au-eau / ou / eu / oi-ui / ai-è-ei-ê / é-er-ez / on / an-en-ean / in-ain-ein

Each book contains

  • a complete and funny story in French
  • 16 pages of easy-to-read text and vivid images
  • a list of new sounds
  • a list of new sight words
  • a list of all the French words used and their English translation


Author : Christian Roy
Illustration : Christian Roy


This is a 10-book series.

This first book of the Introduction 2 series explores the “ch” sound.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-0-7

Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D (limite C)

At the farm, Maude’s bull is very hot. She will find various ways to help him cool off.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-1-4
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D (limite C)

It’s a crazy day at the zoo. Where is Nour today? With the bear, the hen, the wolf and the owl, no doubt!

ISBN : 9978-1-9994982-2-1
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Fleur likes to draw. When she sees a fly with many eyes, she decides to let her imagination run wild.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-8-3
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D (limite E)

Dédé is a fussy eater. Will his grandparents get him to eat? This book introduces the accent and other forms of the sound “é” combined with r, s, t or z.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-3-8
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Eve dreams of becoming the Snow Queen. She will do everything to recreate the universe of her favorite heroine.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-4-5
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Eloi gets lost in the woods. Finding refuge in a haunted mansion, he has an unusual encounter.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-5-2
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Simon is a tuna fish. With his uncle Gaston, he wants to see the world. So they’re off…

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-6-9
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Jean adores his dog Titan. Together, they play in the park. They are best friends.

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-7-6
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

What does Alain do every morning? He goes to see, one after the other, all his friends: Chani, Maude, Nour, Fleur, Éloi, Ève, Dédé, and Jean!

ISBN : 978-1-9994982-9-0
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E 

Additional information

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11 × 19 cm
Nombre de pages

16 pages of text and images per book


Facile à lire level 2, 5-7 years old, Fountas and Pinnel difficulty D-E




160 M paper, paperback, square spine.