Les animaux 1 (French beginner readers)


Discover 10 animals in this 10-book non-fiction series that explores simple sounds.

Warning: The descriptions of these books have been translated to English in order to help anglophone parents and teachers better understand their purchases. The series of 10 books you will receive will be in French. The last page of each book has a list of the English translation for each French word used.


  • Vowels: a-e-i-o-u-y
  • Long sounds: s-j-f-r-z-v-m-l-n
  • Short sounds: t-p-d-b-h-w-c-k-q-x

The books are full of pictures of each animal. Children will learn more about…

  • where they live
  • what they eat
  • what they look like
  • their family
  • etc.

Each book contains

  • a complete story
  • 16 pages of easy-to-read text and vivid pictures
  • all the simple sounds appear throughout the series, rather than being presented in isolation, like in the Introduction 1 series.
  • a list of new sight words
  • a list of all the French words used and their English translation


Some books feature predatory animals. Look at the samples before ordering, as some pictures might impress more sensitive children. There is no blood, but there is a lion whose mouth is closed on the neck of a deer and a boa that suffocates its prey.

Authors : Diane Cajelais, Suzanne Lagacé, Christian Roy
Illustration : Christian Roy


Set of 10 easy-to-read books

Max reads a book about tigers, his favorite animal. He wants to know where they live, what they eat and everything in between! Let’s read with him.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-10-3
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Sam sees a bird through the window and discovers it’s a magpie. He decides to learn a lot about it!

ISBN : 978-1-989704-11-0
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E

Bob read about boas with Dad. These animals swim without having arms or feet. Let’s find out more!

ISBN : 978-1-989704-12-7
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E

Val can see that turtles are not like other animals. They carry their house on their backs. How weird!

ISBN : 978-1-989704-13-4
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Jad sees a tiny hummingbird drinking from flowers. Its wings beat very fast. Jad is curious. What about you?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-14-1
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: D

Kim knows that the llama has no humps and that its coat can be used to make carpets. Now, she wants to learn more.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-15-8
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: F

Do you know one kind of animal that washes itself? Luc wants to know who the puma is and how it lives with its family.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-16-5
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E

Crabs are red and crawl in the sea. Dana met one and observed it. It is fascinating.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-17-2
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E

Bozo visits a zebra at the zoo. He will learn a lot about this “horse in pajamas!”

ISBN : 978-1-989704-18-9
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E

Giraffes have very long necks and legs and they are the tallest animals. Alex wants to know how they manage to eat and drink.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-19-6
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level: E

Additional information

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11 × 19 cm
Nombre de pages

16 pages of text and images per book


Facile à lire level 1, 4-7 years old, difficulty Fountas and Pinnel D-F




160 M paper, paperback, square spine.

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