Série Animaux 2
Couverture L'ours brun
Extrait L'ours brun
Couverture Le singe
Extrait Le
Couverture Le hibou
Extrait L'autruche
Couverture L'oie
Extrait Le chameau

Les animaux 2 (French beginner readers) – 1st edition


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“Your books are truly favorites for parents and children who are taking their first steps in reading.”   – Elena B.


Discover several fascinating facts about animals in this 10-book series:

  • The panda
  • The brown bear
  • The whale
  • The Canada goose
  • The chameleon
  • The camel
  • The owl
  • The ostrich
  • The monkey
  • The raccoon


  • their habitat
  • their origin
  • their eating habits
  • their skills
  • their family, etc.


  • ch / au-eau / or / eu
  • oi-ui / ai-è-ei-ê / é-er-ez
  • on / an-en-ean / in-ain-ein

“My daughter loves her Facile à lire books! She was only in Kindergarten this year and is now on Animal Series 1! To see her pride in reading an entire book (she reads them one after the other!) Every time she says: I’m so good to read books like that! ”   – Andréane


  • a complete and funny story
  • 16 pages of easy-to-read text and vivid images
  • several sounds present in each book, rather than in isolation as in the Introduction 2 series
  • a list of new sight words
  • a list of all the French words used and their English translation


Some books feature predatory animals. Look at the samples before ordering, as some pictures might impress more sensitive children. There is no blood, but there is a lion whose mouth is closed on the neck of a deer and a boa that suffocates its prey.


Authors : Diane Cajelais, Suzanne Lagacé
Graphics : Isabelle Simard

Illustrations: Béatrice Maurais


Set of 10 easy-to-read books

Couverture Le panda

Discover the Panda with Alain! The panda spends its days eating and sleeping. Alain is very intrigued by him.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-83-7
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture L'ours brun

Discover the brown bear with Simon! The brown bear is big. Where can he hide in the winter? What does he eat to stay in shape?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-80-6
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture La baleine

Discover the humpback whale with Fleur! Here is the largest of the mammals. How does Fleur manage to imitate it?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-74-5
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture L'oie

Discover the Canada goose with Éloi! Before wishing him a good trip, Éloi wants to learn more about this migratory bird.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-75-2
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture Le chameau

Discover the camel with Maude!

Maude is very curious. The camel has two humps. What are they used for?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-77-6
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture Le hibou

Discover the owl with Jean! Who! Who! Who is the owl who hoots in the night? Read this book to learn more about it.

ISBN : 978-1-989704-78-3
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture Le singe

Discover the monkey with Nour! Swinging from branch to branch, where is the monkey going? He likes to imitate people. Can Nour imitate him in turn?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-81-3
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture L'autruche

Discover the ostrich with Dédé! Does Dédé really have to run at full speed to imitate it?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-79-0
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture Le raton laveur

Discover the raccoon with Chani! Where is this little masked animal foraging for food? Why is it called a raccoon?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-82-0
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Couverture Le caméléon

Discover the chameleon with Eve! Here is a curious animal with changing colors! Where does it live? What’s does it eat? How does it get around?

ISBN : 978-1-989704-76-9
Fountas & Pinnell difficulty level:

Additional information

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11 × 19 cm
Nombre de pages

16 pages of text and images per book


difficulty Fountas and Pinnel coming soon, Facile à lire level 2, 5-8 year old




160 M paper, paperback, square spine.

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