Nao le ninja : 10 books


Discover the adventures of Nao, a young orphan ignored by his classmates. When his only friend disappears, he swears to find her by becoming a ninja!

Warning: The descriptions of these books have been translated to English in order to help anglophone parents and teachers better understand their purchases. The series of 10 books you will receive will be in French. The last page of each book has a list of the English translation for each French word used.

This series consolidates the compound sounds seen in the Introduction 2 series. Several sounds are present in each book, rather than in isolation as in the Introduction 2 series.

ch / au-eau / ou / eu / oi-ui / ai-è-ei-ê / é-er-ez / on / an-en-ean / in-ain-ein

Each book contains

  • a complete and funny story in French
  • 16 pages of easy-to-read text and vivid images
  • a list of new sight words
  • a list of all the French words used and their English translation

Author: Christian Roy
Graphic Design: Christian Roy

DISCLAIMER: This series is more dramatic and deals with more serious and sad issues (bullying, violence, illness), than our Introduction series. Please look at the excerpts to get a better idea of ​​the content.


Set of 10 easy-to-read books

Page couverture de Le petit Nao

Nao is a very lonely little boy. The other children in his class don’t see him.

ISBN: 978-1-989704-32-5

Page couverture de Nao et la carte

Nao brings a very special card to school for his oral presentation. He doesn’t know it, but the card can help him make friends…

ISBN: 978-1-989704-33-2

Page couverture de Nao et Aya

Aya is a good friend. Nao is no longer alone and ignored. Aya sees him!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-34-9

Page couverture Nao et la liste

Nao can no longer find his friend Aya. She disappeared! Nao will become a ninja, for Aya!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-35-6

Page couverture Nao et le costume

Nao can always count on his grandmother’s help. She gives him a wonderful ninja costume!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-36-3

Page couverture Nao et Monsieur Pardi

Nao meets his grandmother’s friend. Mr. Pardi welcomes him to his dojo. Mr. Pardi is quick and agile!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-37-0

Extrait de Nao et le grand Didi

Didi likes to take it out on Nao. He takes advantage of Aya’s absence to do something foolish.

This book contains a short fight scene that may not be suitable for all children. Please look at the excerpts before ordering.

ISBN: 978-1-989704-38-7

Page couverture de Nao et la magie

It’s not easy to become a ninja. You have to be as crafty as a fox and as sly as a rat. Nao does not give up. He will become a good ninja!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-39-4

Page couverture de Nao et Latipôh

Nao has trained a lot with Mr. Pardi, but he is still looking for Aya. Ninja magic helps him at a surprising time!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-40-0

Page couverture de Nao le ninja

Nao finally finds his friend Aya. For her sake, he will be the best ninja he can be. He will be there to protect her!

ISBN: 978-1-989704-41-7

Additional information

Weight 290 g
Dimensions 11 × 19 cm
Nombre de pages

16 pages of text and images per book


difficulty Fountas and Pinnel coming soon, Facile à lire level 2, 5-7 years old




160 M paper, paperback, square spine.