Gary la Gomme et le Suceur d’escargots

Gary la Gomme et le Suceur d’escargots- French edition


✰✰✰ level first novel

Follow the adventures of Gary la Gomme as he searches for the missing snails, in this simple, silly novel.


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Note: The description of this book has been translated to English in order to help anglophone parents and teachers better understand their purchases. 

Text: Lauria Jacques and Solomon E. K. Paine

Illustrations: Béatrice Maurais

The inhabitants of Farfouille Forest are in a panic! All the snails have disappeared! Forest ranger Gary la Gomme has to use his magical pink hair to find them before it’s too late! Along the way, he meets a strange tuba player named Esteban, square-leaved trees and Krigok the ogre, who’s having a barbecue. Go Go Gary la Gomme!

This novel contains: 

  • a complete, funny story
  • 63 pages of easy-to-read text
  • 23 vivid images of an unusual world
  • a lexicon of more difficult vocabulary 


This ✰✰✰✰ level first novel is designed for readers new to reading longer texts and those facing challenges with reading. This is a first chapter-book.


Text: Lauria Jacques and Solomon E. K. Paine

Graphic design and page layout: Catherine Lemay

Illustrations : Béatrice Maurais 

Editors Frédéric Thibaud, Christian Roy and Noémi Berlus


ISBN : ISBN: 978-1-77870-489-5

Level :✰✰✰✰ First novel , ages 8 and up


About spelling convention in this book

Facile à lire uses l’orthographe rectifiée for spelling, which makes learning to read easier. For example, you will see « ile » rather than « île », or « millepattes » rather than « mille-pattes ».

This orthography is recommended by le Conseil supérieur de la langue française, approved by l’Académie française and has been adopted by l’Office québécois de la langue française

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The Illustrations of Gary la Gomme et le Suceur d’escargots

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