It’s hard to find French books that use easily decodable phonics and are interesting for beginners.

Each Facile à lire book series has

  • short sentences, simple words and familiar vocabulary
  • a complete and funny story in French
  • 16 pages of easy-to-read text and vivid images
  • a list of new sight words
  • a list of all the French words used and their English translation.

In addition, each of the books in the Introduction series include the list of new sounds used to help you make informed choices to support your children’s learning.

Facile à lire books are specifically designed to enable children to experience reading success, to make reading easier for novice readers or those with reading challenges, and to enable all young people to find a book at their level.

Jeune fille lit le zèbre Facile à lire

Difficulty levels

Level 1

  • Vowels: a-e-i-o-u-y
  • Long sounds: s-j-f-r-z-v-m-l-n
  • Short sounds: t-p-d-b-h-w-c-k-q-x

Level 2

  • ch / au-eau / ou / eu / oi-ui / ai-è-ei-ê
  • é-er-ez / on / an-en-ean / in-ain-ein

Level 3

  • qu / gu / gn / m before b, p / p before h
  • ssion-tion-sson / s which makes z / ien / ill / e + 2 consonants

Level 4

To be published soon

Level 5

To be published soon