Facile à lire is a Montreal publishing house, approved and recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications. Founded in 2003, the publishing house was relaunched with new impetus in 2018. Its focus is on learning to read. Its co-founders, Noémi Berlus and Christian Roy, come from the world of education, work and study there. They surrounded themselves with a dynamic team of Quebec authors, illustrators and other collaborators!

Facile à lire publishing house

  • Noemi Berlus, president, editor
  • Christian Roy, vice-president, editor, author, illustrator
  • Caroline Mayrand, head of Customer Experience


  • Diane Cajelais, author
  • Lucie Gagnon, author
  • Sébastien Guindon, author
  • Suzanne Lagacé, author
  • Véronique Landry, author
  • Joannie Laroche, illustrator
  • Frédéric Sar, author
  • Gail Marlene Schwartz, author
  • Isabelle Simard, graphic designer
  • Marie-Claude Véziau, author