Christian Roy & Noémi Berlus
Founders of Facile à lire

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: our 7 year old daughter did NOT want to read. Especially not in French.
For the literature teacher that I am, it was a disaster.

My wife Noémi, for her part, found plenty of English books that were easy to read. I struggled to find French stories whose words did not put off our young reader. Try reading “anniversaire” when you start reading. Try to decode “caillou” (ouch) !

Finally, imagine our hearts as parents before the horrible statistics you are served if your child has the misfortune to be “behind” in school. We were starting to worry…

Noémi therefore challenged me to write books for our daughter with very simple sounds, but with a real story. Not just “Look at the door. Look at the table. Look at the banana.” Boring! Easy stories, but fun and that would encourage our little reader to continue.

Thus was born in 2018 the first series of Facile à lire books.

Today, the series have multiplied, the illustrations have (greatly) improved and the genres have diversified, but we still maintain the same mission:
to facilitate learning to read with fun and accessible tools so that every reader beginner can learn at their own pace.