About Us

An iconoclastic author

This series of easy-to-read books is a response to the quality and quantity of English-language reading books such as the Bob Books series. Looking for such simple French books for my daughter and in the absence of such a collection (some are too long or too expensive like the 156 books series Escalire for $ 800!), I decided to create one.

TI aim to create 3 sets of 10 very affordable books, the first of which is available today. To reduce costs and therefore the selling price, everything was built from images from the public domain, modified by me. It was also an example of self-directed education because I took the opportunity to learn the basics of image manipulation and book design, again with my daughter dictating me throughout the process her preferences and offering a relentless feedback on my artistic choices!

I hope that these books are used as a bonding experience with your child as much as it was for me creating them!