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Clementine’s life has always been same old, same old…until the coronavirus. 

Now, she can’t see Nana, give her hugs, or buy candy at the Candy Shop. Mom stays home. The streets are empty, and even schools are closed, so she can’t play with her friends. Worst of all, she fights with her mother ALL. THE. TIME. But maybe with some encouragement from Nana, Clementine can dig into her creativity to find the unexpected and make a difference.


39 pages, Facile à lire Editions.

Also available in English


A recognized progression

The leveled series follows an easy and logical progression. Spelling and phonics are inspired by the progression used by speech therapist Josée Laplante in her Raconte-moi les sons book.
Our books have:

Easy to decode

Few letters per syllable

Easy to pronounce

Few syllables per word

Easy to turn

Few words per page

Easy to finish

Few pages per book

You only need to know eight letters of the alphabet to read the entire first book. Find the progression of each collection and its difficulty ranking in the Pedagogy section.