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Luna the little moon travels throughout the solar system in search of friends. Join her in discovering all the wonders of our neighbouring planets.

Like Nao le ninja, the story of La petite lune is completed in 10 books. This is a level 2 series, which reviews the compound sounds seen in Introduction 2.
Each of the 10 books contains 16 pages of text and images.

This quest for friendship will appeal to your curious young reader!


A recognized progression

The leveled series follows an easy and logical progression. Spelling and phonics are inspired by the progression used by speech therapist Josée Laplante in her Raconte-moi les sons book.
Our books have:

Easy to decode

Few letters per syllable

Extrait de Val

Easy to pronounce

Few syllables per word

Extrait de Jad

Easy to turn

Few words per page

Extrait de Dana

Easy to finish

Few pages per book

Nombre de pages par livre

You only need to know eight letters of the alphabet to read the entire first book. Find the progression of each collection and its difficulty ranking in the Pedagogy section.