Encore un lapin ! – Another Rabbit!


First chapter book ( Level ✰✰ )

Meet Alexis and his family, as the addition of a little gray rabbit brings chaos to their home, in this simple, hilarious novel.

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Note: The description of this book has been translated to English in order to help anglophone parents and teachers better understand their purchases. 

My brother Alexis has his heart set on a rabbit for his birthday, and he is delighted when he ends up getting two. Mother is not as pleased, especially when the number of rabbits starts growing and growing.
This is getting out of hand! Something needs to be done.

This novel includes 

  • a complete and funny story
  • 50 pages of easy-to-read text
  • 21 lively images of a family and their rabbits
  • a lexicon of expressions used

This first chapter book (level ✰✰) is designed for readers new to reading longer texts and for those with reading challenges. This is a short novel, divided into chapters.

Text : Danielle Malenfant, La Plume Rousse
Graphic design and page layout : Catherine Lemay
Illustrations : Jacinthe Morin
Linguistic review : Monique Guy
Editors : Christian Roy, Noémi Berlus and Suzanne Lagacé

ISBN : 978-1-77870-568-7
Level: First chapter book  ✰✰, 8 years and older

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